The First Call phone chair offers you a more private and comfort conversation in a busy office. It also works the other way around: other people in the office will not be disturbed by your phone call. The First Call phone chair is excellent for open floor plan environments and public spaces. A unique and classic design, makes this phone chair one of a kind.

The Original

The First Call Original is the first phone chair designed by Dutch designer Ruud van de Wier. Inspired by the classic telephone from the 20th century, there is no doubt where you can use this lounger for. The Original is available in three different noise absorbing fabrics, each with their own colors: Uniform Melange, Apparel and the Razzle Dazzle of Kvadrat. These knitted fabrics give the chair it’s luxurious appearence. The legs we can customize in the color you like!

Why to buy?

With it’s round curves and absorbing roof the classic design of this phone chair is unique, but above all it makes the chair an acoustic pearl. By using the right absorbing materials and knitted stretchy fabric we made this chair great for finding a peaceful moment. A lounger to sit in quiet and comfortable. Easier to remove than a phone booth. A practical eyecatcher for every office or busy environment!

Where to buy?

You can buy your First Call Phone Chair at Vree or at your local dealer. Call us or send us an e-mail for an inquiry or pricelist.