‘Vree’ is old Dutch for freedom or peace. It is essential for people to find ‘Vree’ at all times and places. Wherever and whenever we want.

With the focus on Vree at workplaces we see silence is threatened. We barely can find silence. It’s becoming a luxury. We are distracted by our phones, e-mail and talking colleagues continually. In a time of open plan offices and flexible workplaces people can chat easily all the time, while other try to focus.

Together with our designers we create acoustic furniture for finding more silence, rest and comfort. The furniture excel in design by using natural materials, round shapes and soft colors. We do not go for average designs, we believe in authentic design. The designs give ‘Vree’ in your interior.

The designs make it your favourite place to work, meet, call or chat. The smart designs of Vree enable you to refocus and recover. Explore our collection of unique phone chairs, silent rooms, acoustic lighting.