With our modern acoustic furniture we create places where you can find a bit of ‘Vree’. ‘Vree’ is old Dutch for freedom. We think it is essential for everyone to find ‘Vree’ at all times and all places. Wherever you go and whenever you like.

The smart designs of Vree will give you more comfort and peace for your mind and body. We have developed three great loungers for your workplace. Our mission is to make your workplace your favourite place. Or at least your favourite place to work in.

In an open office acoustics are poor and distraction is common. We need spaces to pull back in aligned to the activity we are doing. With the right design, use of color and an absorbing functionality, furniture can add an ambiance to these spaces. Or, in the best case, furniture can be a space on its own to experience silence or peace.

Vree is just founded and we are very busy with developing new furniture. In the coming months we will launch some great designs for finding Vree. Are you questioning what the next design will be? Think silence, think in private. Or just contact us.