‘Vree’ is old Dutch for freedom or peace. It is essential for us people to feel free or to find peace of mind, wherever we go and whenever we want. It is essential for us to be ‘Vree’.

We are not likely to say that our favourite place to be is at the office. But we do spend many hours at work there. Why couldn’t it be our favourite place?

In this time of open plan offices and flexible workplaces it becomes increasingly difficult to focus. Colleagues chatting all around us and our distracting smartphones force us to multitask all the time. Our brain is not made for this.  In order to be productive and to feel comfortable and healthy we need to take care of our brain. We need to give it rest, we need silence. 

Therefore, change in our behaviour at work is necessary. We need office furniture that can help us in finding silence, rest and comfort. Vree likes to help with this. Our collection is designed to help you create a favourite place to work, meet, call or have a chat. The furniture of Vree can help you to refocus and recharge.You can make a difference. You decide how you work best. You create your workplace. You can make your office your favourite place. 

Explore our designs and find out how to create your favourite place.